Creating truly effective design solutions requires becoming immersed in the client's business by asking questions beyond just the usual "who, what, why." It requires a detailed assessment and solid understanding of the client's business, market, goals, and budget parameters. At the onset of every project, all of these key marketing and communications aspects are reviewed and determined with the client before any actual design work is setforth.


The creative process is approached as a well orchestrated balance of processing information and exploring ideas in pursuit of that perfect solution for often complex marketing and communications challenges. This requires taking aim, keeping focus, and staying on point. However, at the same time it is also knowing just how and when to break the rules and ask
"what if ?"


Solving the challenge goes far beyond simply completing the project. To solve is to succeed; and success here is determined by meeting objectives, working within schedules and budget, positive response, and ultimately exceeding expectations and goals. It is about performance - and at VRD, the bar is always set exceedingly high.